Keeping your dog healthy

SO once your purchase you dog, you need to keep it healthy!!! How do you keep it healthy?? Well, you are gonna need an animal doctor. So where should you look to find a vet? Google! Just go to google, and search your location along with some key terms related to your current situation. You should be greeted with a list of doctors in your area. Read some reviews, and pick one out! The next step would be calling the clinic and letting them know what you need… If you dont know what you need, let em know, because they probably know what the next step is in regards to keeping your pet healthy. Once contacting them, you can then set up an appointment, that will be scheduled best for you and the vet.

Once you’ve done this, you’ve pretty much set your dog up for the best possible thing in regards to his health. Next, we need to work out his mental health, as well as your mental health…. What we mean, is that your dog is probably going to challenge you in a few ways, mostly your patience… SO, when your dog pees on the shiny white carpet, what now? Well, the first thing that you are gonna want to do, is relocate the dog to a secluded area, one that is punishing to the dog.. That way, he will think twice before he decides to tinkle on the carpet. After that, its time to clean of the pee (obviously).. We recommend oxi clean as it seems to be the most reputable carpet cleaning potion available(obviously). So just clean it up, and leave your dog in the secluded kennel for about an hour or so, and then bring him into a normal environment. Now, its important to let your dog outside to let he/she take care of business.. And when they do, give em a treat, a reward! This will remind them that going to the bathroom outside is good!!